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Take your audience beyond checkbox diversity!


The Volunteer Action Centre Waterloo Region has developed a series of fun, highly interactive, and easy to use resources that provide volunteers, staff, and managers with tangible steps to:

  1. Build deeper connections and deeper inclusion in your organizations - and with diverse clients. 
  2. Learn to turn off your cultural cruise control and interact more authentically in diverse settings.

Building Bridges through Authentic Interactions – With Trainer Guide gives volunteer centres, consultants, and HR/Training managers access to the online learning modules with the addition of a Training Guide with details, handout and worksheet options and more.  This tool will provide resources for you to build your own in person workshops.

Written By:

Ingrid Brand EdD Comparative and International Development Education

Qualified Intercultural Development Inventory Administrator

for Volunteer Action Centre Waterloo Region


Graphic Designers:

Blake Rice and Cayley Maltby

  • In-person Workshop Delivery Resources
  • Facilitator's Ancillary & References 
  • Online Modules

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